A typographer, designer and artist, Pavithra Dikshit presently works at Landor Mumbai. She is one-third of Postcard People – an avenue to revive sending out postcards and one-eight of Kadak – a collective of South Asian women that works with graphic storytelling of different kinds.

Explorations in the cross-sections of life and design, within the Indian context, outline a major part of her practice as a designer.

Her self-published book, ‘Discipline’ is a short journal featuring her paper salads. It is designed to discuss routines which has been her road to many discoveries. Debuted at ELCAF as a limited edition, some numbered copies are available to buy here.

The AdobeType Scholarship gave Pavithra the opportunity to attend Type Camp India. As a part of the family, she is an assistant instructor at Type Camp Bharat. Her love for alphabets and words extends beyond design as she read voraciously and pursues writing as a way to express her opinions and observations. 

Apart from design and writing, she is a long distance runner and a Sunday gardener where she grows her own vegetables and improves the greens around her.

Always looking to have a conversation on everything under the sun, she can be emailed at - pavithra.dikshit@gmail.com