b. 1986, HK.



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A graphic designer and artist, Pavithra Dikshit presently works at Landor Mumbai. She is one-third of Postcard People – an avenue to revive sending out postcards and one-eight of Kadak – a collective of South Asian women that works with graphic storytelling of different kinds. Her love for letterforms and words also makes her part of the global Type Camp community.

Explorations in the cross-sections of life and design, within the Indian context, outline a major part of her practice as a designer.

Among her recent works is the self-published book,  ‘Discipline’ which is a short journal featuring her paper salads. Debuted at ELCAF and featured on WeTransfer, some numbered copies are available to buy here. Further, Pavithra presented a series of writings titled Shifting as a visual narrative performance based on gender at the Story of Space festival in Goa, India. 

Apart from all this, she is also an avid reader, a home gardener and a reluctant cook.

Always looking to have a conversation on everything under the sun, she can be emailed at - pavithra.dikshit@gmail.com