Meal Plan

I've been on a bit of a health trip for a long time. And something new I discovered that really changed the way I live is meal plan and meal prep. A fairly common concept if you probably live abroad and somethings most people who have some sort of fitness goals subscribe to. So that's my new life hack which includes meal plan and prep! Every weekend I take one hour and plot all my meals for the next week. I initially started this as word documents which look boring so well here's the shiny, design, to-be-used-daily version! Pdf links are available below along with a sort of how to version to this document ~

Meal Plan Pavithra Dikshit

Meal Plan Pavithra Dikshit


Who doesn't love a bright colour on a dull day? With food especially, colour is everything. This version looks great especially if it's pinned up in the kitchen. Download here.

MealPlan Mockup 01.jpg

black and white

The low-cost-can-be-printed-anywhere-black-and-white-no-fuss version for everyone. It's more functionally pretty and works effectively too.  Download here.

How to use this?

Meal Plan Pavithra Dikshit How To.png